IMPORTANT! Flute ribs to fit into Vertical Stablizer VS1001 skin

Fitting the Skeleton into the VS1001 Skin will give you problems. AS of March 2008.
Do the following...
  • Flute the ribs to fit into the skin if they don't fit. Van's may eventually do this but for now do the folllowing
  • Look at picture #1 See the VS 1005 rib too big? the middle rib is the same. The top cap is fine.
  • The instructions don't call for fluting the ribs however Van's recommends doing this if you call them. They really don't fit without a little tweaking and this works the best.
  • Apply a crimp with the fluting pliers at 11 and 1 o'clock then flip it over and apply a crimp at 12 o'clock. Picture 3 shows the final crimps. Some say radius the ribs before you try to put them into the skin. Just Flute them,
  • If you’re still not sure what I'm talking about drop me an email at
  • The pictures show the VS1001 vertical stabilizer skin and the vs1005 rib.

Click pictures below to make full size