Item One - Instead of drilling the first hole as Vans suggest,
give consideration to laying the part up flush against the spar strap, then match drill the first hole, cleco, match drill the remaining holes as per the plans.This will ensure the tiedown is tight against the spar strap.

Item Two -

When drilling the rivet holes for the nutplates, make a nutplate jig as follows.

  1. Use an AN3-5 bolt. This allows the non-threaded portion to fit tight in the hole previously drilled.
  2. Use three (3) AN960-10 washers to prevent the non-threaded portion from extending through the tie down bracket.
  3. Slide it through the hole and attach a nutplate as seen in the picture to the left and tighten. You now can drill the rivet holes and the nutplate will line up with the bolt when going through the spar.